Career Opportunities as a Certified Nursing Assistant

The career of a certified nursing assistant is one filled with the excitement only a job in the healthcare field can provide. Although the basic job functions of a certified nursing assistant are universal, the location where you work can provide a wide array of individualized opportunities and challenges. Moreover, CNAs may desire to further their career, in which case they already have a solid working knowledge to pursue more advanced nursing credentials. Explore your career options as a CNA to find your ideal career path.

Hospital Facility

With an estimated 312,000 new certified nursing assistant jobs expected to develop between now and 2022, CNAs are in line for competitive employment and stable career futures. If you’re interested in working for a larger healthcare corporation, and enjoy the potential of upward mobility along with quality benefits, then hospital facilities may be for you. It’s important to note, due to the nature of these facilities, CNAs must be able to adapt and respond to rapidly changing scenarios. This is especially vital when working in emergency rooms. Due to their size and scope of practice, positions in a hospital may be easier to come by than private clinics. Also, hospitals often provide CNA training programs. Upon completion you’re not only eligible for examination, but you may have a higher chance of landing a position within the training hospital.

Nursing Home Facility

Do you enjoy working with the elderly and embrace all the challenges this environment provides? Certified nursing assistants who work in nursing homes are required to have a specific personality and skill set scope. In many states, additional training and special certification are required to be employed by nursing homes and other similar clinics. While this employment opportunity requires further training, salary and upward mobility are typically higher when compared to standard CNAs. If you’re interested in pursuing a certified nursing assistant career in a nursing home, refer to the Nursing Assistant Candidate Handbook released by your states nursing board. Within its pages you’ll find all pertinent training and examination requirements.

Expanding Your Nursing Career

Many CNAs begin this career to get a sneak peek into the lives of nurses and other advanced-level medical professionals. After this trial period, some decide to advance their own career and begin training for higher certifications and degrees. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse or even a physician, your experience as a CNA is attractive to universities and prospective employers. Depending on your CNA training provider, you may be able to transfer coursework credits to go toward a high-level degree. Check out the nursing program at the University of New England for more information.