Certified Nursing Assistant – Training Requirements

Most, if not all, of healthcare professionals are required to undergo some form of higher education. While more advanced-level positions require degrees and hours of clinical application to begin their practice, certified nursing assistants are attractive to many due to its limited education requirements. While all states require some form of education, the exact training requirements vary from state-to-state. Therefore, contact the nursing board or professional licensing division of your state to learn current CNA training requirements.

Level of Required Education for Certified Nursing Assistants

As stated above, the exact duration of training varies according to your state. For example, in the State of Oregon, you must complete at least 75-hours of training from an OSBN-approved nursing assistant training program while the State of Georgia requires aspiring CNAs to undergo a total of 85-hours of approved training, of which 24-hours must be clinical application under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse.

While the exact number of hours may vary, basic training requirements are universal across all states. Certified nursing assistants are not required to hold a degree, outside of a high school diploma or GED. Rather, these professionals must earn a Certificate of Completion from a state-approved training program. These programs are typically held in community colleges, vocational schools and in high schools.

Where to Find Accredited CNA Programs

Lies and deceit are an unfortunate truth when it comes to training programs designed for certified nursing assistant. A simple web search yields thousands of programs, all of which proclaim to be the “absolute best in CNA training!” While these CNA Training Programs may offer decent education, and even the required hours for certification in your state, if it’s not approved by your state’s board of nursing, then your education is useless in the eyes of the certifying agency.

Before you ever begin searching for a certified nursing assistant training program, consult your state’s nursing board for a list of accredited training programs. These training programs are available in on-campus settings as well as through online classrooms. If you decide to choose an online training program, go with one that features clinical application sessions, which may be required by your state to qualify for certification. Regardless of where or how you decide to train for this profession, upon completion you’ll be qualified to sit for the certified nursing assistant examination.

While this is considered an entry-level position within the healthcare industry, the amount of training and developed skills are ideal for those who wish to explore related careers or research other potential career options by working alongside professionals in one of the most dynamic and interesting career fields.